Easy Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Standard Build

Kraken Slayer
Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Blade of The Ruined King

Situational Items

The Collector
Sanguine Blade
Guardian Angel


Q: 15-9

W: 5

E: 24-12

R: 130-100

Zac's Skill Max Order: W → E → Q


Level 1: Quinn Cheese level 1, and then punish Zac with your AA-E-AA combo. He can't do anything level 1, so run him down.

Level 2: Level 2 onwards, save E to cancel Zac's Jump. You can E him mid air, and you will cancel his leap and be pushed back to safety. Save E level 2 onwards to cancel this ability.

Level 3-5: Zac can't do much in lane, just save E to counter his engage, and then melt him with autos for the rest of the lane.

Level 6+: Zac's R can only knock you back once, so when he uses R, let it knock you back once, and then E after the knock back. If you E too early, his R will cancel your E.

What To Do

Early game play aggro, and save E to cancel his E jump.

If you only use E to cancel his E, then he is useless and can't do anything in laning phase.

Use your range advantage to bully him, and scale up your tank shred items to stomp him later on in the matchup.

Step on blobs to prevent his healing whenever you can.

Ignite early during an all-in to prevent his blob healing.