Easy Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Standard Build

Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
The Collector

Situational Items

Blade of the Ruined King
Guardian Angel


Q: 4-1.33 (scales off attack speed)

W: 30-18

E: 0.5-0.1 (10-6 per objective)

R: 80-30

Yasuo's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W

Yasuo's Q Range: 450, which is 75 units less than you AA range


Level 1: Yasuo will usually start Q level 1, but his Q range is 450 units, so stand in your max auto attack range and he's useless. Play aggressive level 1 because you hard win.

Level 2: Be a little bit more careful with your E usage because a good Yasuo will dash on your wave when your E is down. Play around his empowered Q, if he ever misses it, use that window as an opportunity to engage on him and go for a trade. I typically like to save E to counter his engage whenever he tries to jump on me in this matchup.

Level 3-5: Your goal in this lane level 3 onwards is to bait his wind wall whenever you can. If you vault him aggressively, he will use his W out of fear, and this is a big win for you. When he uses it, step back and wait for it to expire. You now have a 30 second window to hard punish him and take over the lane. Do not let him breathe when his W is down, and look to engage whenever he misses his empowered Q (tornado).

Level 6+: If Yasuo lands R on you, instantly vault and run away. Your E is great to escape him when he ults you.

What To Do

With Yasuo, you must be extra careful with your minions especially. Yasuo wants the lane to be frozen in front of his tower so that he can pressure you in your minion wave and dash through them to punish you.

First, it's important to save your E always because if you waste your E, Yasuo will dash onto you and all-in you.

What I like to do is use blind on Yasuo in lane, and most times Yasuo will use his windwall to block your Q. However, this is amazing because his windwall is a very long cool down. Our goal is to pretend that we wanna all-in, and then when he wastes his windwall, just play back until it goes away.

Our vault has prio on Yasuo’s E, so if he Es onto you, just retaliate with vault always.

Watch out for his empowered Q tornados by using your move speed to dodge it, or out run it by playing a little bit back.

After level 6 it’s critical not to get hit by his tornado to avoid his ultimate hitting you.

If Yasuo ults you, instantly retaliate with vault and run away. Most Yasuos will windwall after, but make sure to quickly E-Auto before he windwalls so that you get your harrier move speed mark consumed before his windwall blocks your auto.

If Yasuo ever wastes his Windwall or misses his empowered Q, retaliate with an engage because he relies on those two moves to win trades.