Medium Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Health Potion

Cull for Scaling and extra Cut Down Damage

Standard Build

Kraken Slayer
Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Mortal Reminder
Blade of the Ruined King

Situational Items

The Collector
Sanguine Blade


Q: 6

W: 120-60

E: 15-11

R: 110-70

Warwick's Q range: 350 units; which is 175 less than your autoattack range

Warwick's Skill Max Order: Q → W → E


Matchup Tip: Be careful when WW is low. They usually run barrier and they want to take a seemingly bad trade to then barrier bait you and use his amplified healing to dish out insane damage and healing. Play slow when he's low and never forget about his barrier. If you want to all in him, ignite early when he's low so that he doesn't get as much healing.

Level 1: Save E to use after WW uses Q in lane. He starts Q, and a good WW will use Q to jump on you after your E is down. Be careful when he's low though because most WWs run barrier, and his gameplan is to barrier bait you when he's low. You cannot cancel WW Q with E during animation, so use E after he lands. When WW is under 50% hp, he gets more healing and damage, so he wants to be low to bait you. Do not fall for his trap.

Level 2: WW's E is just liker Jax E, except after he recasts it, you become feared. When he uses it, try to blind him so he can't Q leap onto you. When his E is down, feel free to go for a big trade because his E CD is quite long.

Level 3: Play lane aggressively, and if you want to commit to an All-In, it is essential to ignite early to prevent his heal cheese from hurting you. WW's Q range is short, so stand in your AA range and you get free autos and trades on him. Kite him when he walks towards you trying to Q you, and this will give you a great trade. IF he lands Q on you, vault instantly to escape his E fear.

Level 6: His R will heal him a whole lot, so if he is low post 6 and you want to fight him, it is best to flash his R if you can, OR save blind for the end. If you blind WW when he's low, he will be nearsighted when he wants to R, which makes it very difficult for him to land it. You can AA him to death post-6, WW will then Q onto you and use E, you will then E him and use your range advantage to hurt him. When he is getting low, ignite him and then Q him when he's about a quarter HP. In these last 1.75 seconds where he's blinded, finish him off because he can't Q you for health and his R is difficult to land while blinded. If he gets R on you, Q-E combo to escape so that he can't Q leap onto you.

What To Do

Early game play as aggro as you can.

WW wants you to get him low so he can barrier bait you.

He gets extra healing below 50% hp, so don't fall for his trick.

It's like shaco backing while low in front of 10 boxes trying to bait you.

If you want to kill him, ignite early so you mitigate his healing.

Be careful of your E usage because WW can Q you after you use it, but his Q range is only 350 units, which is super short.

Constantly harras him with autos, and if he Qs you, E away to escape.

Play the matchup like this and he can't do much at all.

If he has R, try to blind him when he is getting low cuz WW will only R when he is low.

If you blind him first, this makes it so muich tougher for him to land R. If he misses R he is dead.