Medium Difficulty

Press The Attack
Press The Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Magic Resistance

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Dorans for safety

Refillable Potion

Long Sword for faster power spike

Standard Build

Wit's End
Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
Edge of Night

Situational Items

Blade of the Ruined King
Mercury's Treads
Maw of Malmortius


Q: 8

W: 17

E: passive

R: 0.25 (reload 30 / 25 / 20, max 3)

Teemo's Q Range: 680 units compared to your 525 AA Range

Teemo's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Matchup Tip: When you have more items later on in the lane and you think you can win an all-in, I like to stand in Teemo's max Q range. Teemo will pre-emptively throw Q at you to poke you when you are in range, and when your blind is about to expire, instantly use your vault on him and run him down when the blind ends. Without Teemo's blind, you now have a free window to nuke him since he's squishy. His Q range is 80 units longer range than your E, so try to stand in your E range when you want to do this all-in when you bait his Q.

Level 1: Start Q in this matchup and be careful if he is invisible in the bushes top lane. Teemo will likely start Q in this matchup, and if he does, only walk into range of Teemo if you land Q on him. Play to get level 2 first.

Level 2: If you get 2 first, instantly E him to go for a big trade. Only take short trades when you land your blind on him.

Level 3: Teemo gets passive MS if he hasn't been hiit for 5 seconds from his W, so make sure to hit him when you can so that he isn't as fast. This makes it harder for him to side-step your Qs. A good Teemo will use his W active when you Q to have enough MS to juke your Q. Be careful about that. Try to throw Q when he is going for CS or not expecting it, and if you land Q, Auto-E-Auto trade then back off before nearsight ends so that he can't retaliate with any abilites. Teemo has no sustain in lane, so short trades like this are very good for you. Whoever lands their Q first wins the trade, so try to land yours first before any and all trades.

Level 6: Teemo Shrooms up the map so be careful about walking in bushes or on the sides of lane. If you walk on a shroom, he might be invis near it to kill you. To be safe, stand in the middle of the lane behind minions to ensure that you won't walk on his Shrooms.

What To Do

Lane phase is Teemo favoured. Early game, the ONLY time you should ever trade with Teemo is if you land your Q blind on him first.

If Teemo blinds you first, he wins the trade and you legit can't retaliate.

If you blind him first, he can't blind you because his Q is a lock on ability, which means you hard win that trade.

However, be mindful of good Teemo players. The main reason is because good teemos are actually able to make the matchup super one sided by using their good reaction time to Press their W when you press Q, and use this MS bonus to easily side step your Q since Quinn's Q travels quite slow for a skill shot.

If Quinn misses Q, teemo will hard run Quinn down and make her cry.

These two teemo players give me a hard time because they have mastered that lane mechanic, so watch out for good teemos when you VS this matchup.

However, Teemo's ONLY edge is lane phase guys. You have to play under your strengths.

Quinn's Q is 1025 range, while Teemo's Q is 680.

Play back, and if you want to trade, try to go for max range Qs so that if you miss, teemo won't be in range to immediately Q you and run you down (because the good teemos will try punish you for missing your Q).

Take short trades. He has no sustain, so one combo when he is blinded will chunk him heavily and make the lane very hard for him.

Also note that Teemo's passive is that if he isn't hit for 5 seconds, he gains passive MS indefinitely, so keep that in mind (like Garen's passive, but not being hit grants him MS instead of missing health regen).

If you're able to hit him with any AA or ability, then Teemo will be a lot slower than normal :) Late game just run teemo down, land blind amd then one shot him.