Easy Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Bone Plating
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Dorans for safety

Refillable Potion

Long Sword for extra cut down damage

Health Potion

Cull for Scaling

Standard Build

Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined King

Situational Items

Mortal Reminder
The Collector


Q: 8

W: 13-9

E: 18-14

R: 120

Renekton's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Matchup Tip: Rush Berserker Boots in this matchup before anything else. This grants you MS to essentially be unchaseable by Renekton.

Level 1: Quinn Cheese from the bush level 1 and run him down with autos. Renekton can't play the game level 1 so make sure to punish him if he ever walks up away from his tower. Stand in between the wave and him after he runs to tower to zone him off XP, resulting in him to be under leveled. Slow push the first two waves.

Level 2: Renekton will start E second, but you aren't scared. He can't ever punish you without W, so keep up your slow push and continue to auto him whenever he walks up. Use E aggressively. W second is better than Q in this matchup for more autos and speed.

Level 3-5: If you slow pushed correctly, you are level 3 and he is level 1-2. Ping the jungler to dive top, dive yourself, punish him for every minion he goes for under tower, or cheater recall. Any of these options are good. Level 3 onwards, to counter Renekton save E to cancel his second E. The second Renekton does his second E dash, use E right away. You will counter his W if you do this, even if he gets it off because your dash will still go off.

Level 6+: If you anticipate Renekton about to R, ignite him first so he doesn't get as much HP from it. Renekton gets scary if he goes prowler's claw or stride breaker, so if you see those renektons, be careful of the extra dash he gets from them. Keep Renekton shoved under tower to deny him CS. If you play the lane by using E to counter his second E, the matchup is free. Be careful of his fury bar because if he is in the red and has flash up, he can flash 1 shot you with ease. That's his only chance of killing you. If he does, instantly vault-AA and try to out run his first dash if you can.

What To Do

To start off, Quinn is the notorious counter pick to Renekton in LCS and competitive.

Why? Because Renekton has no counter play to Quinn's kit. Level one you can use vault aggressively into him without any fear.

Level 2, only vault AFTER his second dash, and then he can't ever do damage to you.

Renekton's Q range is 450 and your auto range is 525, which means he can't get his Q on you if you maintain auto attack range.

At level 6, the matchup doesn't change too much because if you save vault for his second E like I recommend, then he can't get onto you ever.

Save E for his second dash. The second he does the second dash, instantly vault and he will never be able to land his W stun on you.

Let me make this clear, Renekton's ONLY way to kill you is Flash - Empowered W - Combo you.

This is why pros ran Cleanse into him, to cleanse this combo. However, if you position correctly, you don't even need cleanse tbh.

If his bar is red and he's level 6 with flash, just play a little bit more back until his fury expires.

He can't one shot you unless he has empowered abiltiies with flash.

If Renekton tries the Flash W combo, I like running bone plating to eat up a lot of the damage and save your life so that you can vault to safety afterwards. :)

Boots rush in this matchup makes the matchup unplayable for Renekton because he can't ever catch up to you.