Easy Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Dorans for safety

Refillable Potion

Long Sword for extra cut down damage

Health Potion

Cull for Scaling and extra Cut Down Damage

Standard Build

Kraken Slayer
Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined King

Situational Items

The Collector


P: 16-8

Q: 8-4

W: 24-16

E: 14-10

R: 100-80

Poppy's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Level 1: Conduct Quinn Cheese level 1 in the bush. Poppy will Q retaliate, but her Q range is 430 Units, which is much less than your E and AA range. You get free trades level 1. Be careful of her passive shield, when she walks to pick it up don't trade her because she gets a grasp proc and a shield to get a free trade. This shield lasts 3 seconds. If you E Poppy the same time she uses Q, she will use her Q backwards because she is knocked back.

Level 2: Poppy will level W or E. Be careful if she levels W because her W can root you if you E during it. Your E can cancel her E dash, so level 2 if she dashes on you, instantly vault it and auto her to death.

Level 3-5: When Poppy has W, be careful about your E usage. If Poppy wants to engage on you, she will dash on you or dash on a minion to get to you. Proc a harrier mark on her when she jumps on you with Q or your passive, and then just run back. Do not E because Poppy wants to cancel your E with her W. You are faster than Poppy, so as long as you get a harrier mark, Poppy will be forced to use her W pre-emptively to have enough movement speed to catch up to you. Her W only gives her 40% MS for 2 seconds, so after her W runs out, instantly vault her after this.

Level 6+: Your E can cancel Poppy R, so if you see her charging it, try to E as quick as possible. This will screw her over if you succeed.

What To Do

Honestly, it's not that bad of a matchup contrary to popular belief.

In theory, Poppy should hard counter Quinn because Poppy can use her W (the forcefield ability) to cancel your vault, which will then knock you down, slow you, and also ground you. However, We are W MAX QUINN BABY!!!!!! We have speed.

Poppy gains 40% MS while under her W active, but we get 40% MS from our harriers too! :O So, essentially, NEVER use vault on Poppy unless her W is down.

Next, avoid being near walls so that Poppy can't stun you against them. Play the middle of the lane whenever you can.

Also, since we are so fast, if Poppy ever wants to chase us, she MUST use her W during the chase because she legit will not catch up to us without her W movespeed.

Now, Poppy uses W and is fast, you use your harrier proc from Q or passive and you match her move speed, and all you have to do is wait for her W active to expire, and now you have 2 choices: Either you INSANTLY vault Poppy. if she used her dash ability earlier to get onto you. Or, if poppy has her dash still up, you wait for her to use her dash to catch up to you, then you IMMEDIATELY vault after since her W is down. By doing this, poppy has no gap closers after you retaliate with vault, and you can now kite her quite a bit.

Fun fact: if you E poppy when she presses Q, poppy will use her Q hammer smash backwards lol. Also, you can cancel poppy R with a well timed vault (you must have smurf timing).

Do not stand in her Q after she presses it because it has a delay, and will deal extra damage.

Finally, Poppy's passive shoots out a buckler on the ground, just make sure to step on it if you are close enough because she can't pick it up if you do. :)

At 3 items, you will be able to shred Poppy when you build your lord doms.

If Poppy uses R, instantly vault it to cancel it.