Easy Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup De Grace
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Standard Build

Wit's End
Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
Edge of Night

Situational Items

Mercury's Treads
Maw of Malmortius


Q: 6 (6)

W: 13-9 (6)

E: 12 (6)

R: 3

Nidalee's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Matchup Advice: Boots rush are really good for this matchup because Nidalee relies on cougar speed to be relevant, but if you are faster than her then she is useless.

Level 1: Be cautious of conq nidalee, but grasp or other keystones aren't scary for you. Be careful level 1 because Nidalee might start W and run you down if you use E aggressively. Play level 1 aggro with autos, but if she starts W, only use E to cancel her cougar W.

Level 2: Nidalee has Q, and the problem with her Q is that it allows her W to pounce on you, so don't get hit by her Q. If she lands Q on you, save E for her cougar form W. E her when cougar jumps at you and you will be able to escape. Conq Nidalee is scary because she will do a lot of damage in cougar form, so positioning is key.

Level 3-5: Nidalee heal doesn't change the matchup much since she isn't ap, but couger gets another ability to stack her conq stacks if she ran that keystone. Play aggro in lane, and hide behind minions so that she can't Q you. Save E for her cougar form and the matchup will be okay.

Level 6+: Nidalee has to win lane to be relevant, so if you scale to 1-2 items and you're even, you have a big win in lane.

What To Do

Grasp nidalee is easy, but be careful of conq nidalee level 1.

Try to save E to counter her Cougar W in this matchup. If you E early and shes good, she will then jump on you with W and make you cry.

You win level 1, so be aggro, but level 2 onwards you have to side step Qs. If she lands Q on you, she will cougar form W you, so E this W and you are ok.

Boots rush are op here because it is a speed matchup. She will likely go bruiser/tank nidalee, so her spears dont do damage. She relies on couger to hurt you.

This matchup is quinn sided though with your E. You are faster than Nidalee with W max, which makes it tough for her to succeed in this matchup if you are smart with your E useage.