Easy Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Magic Resistance

Starting Items

Long Sword
Refillable Potion

Standard Build

Wit's End
Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined King

Situational Items

The Collector


Q: 9-4

W: 14-10

E: 22-10

R: 140-80

Mordekaiser's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Level 1: Conduct the Quinn Cheese level 1 and then run him down, he will retaliate with Q but you win the trade super hard. Zone him off the wave after he runs to tower.

Level 2: Morde has E now, so you can't E aggressively level 2 onwards. Like Darius, only use E to disengage if Morde pulls you in with his E. Saving E for this makes it hard for Morde to every get a good trade on you.

Level 3: Be careful of his Q because it is 625 range, which is longer than your E range. In lane, he will bop you with it, and if you vault him, he will land Q on you even after you vault. Stay on the side of the wave so if Morde wants to poke you, he has to use his ability on the side rather than the wave. Play aggressively before level 6- Morde is an easier Darius because he doesn't run ghost.

Level 6: How to beat Morde in his R is to delay him hitting you 3 times as quick as you can. That's the win con. So, when he ults you, blind him then conduct a blind juke in his R to save you 1.75 seconds. When blind wears off, you will be on the other side of his R since blind juke works every single time. He will then walk up to you to pull you in, when he uses his E use your E now to push you back. If you use your Q and E in this manner, Morde's win con is delayed because his win con is hitting you 3 times as quickly as possible to get his passive circle. The longer it takes him to get his passive circle charged, the better chance of your survival. He only wins if he gets it early, so play the juke game and you will survive his R every time!

What To Do

You guys seem to hate Morde, but he isn't that bad.

I classify Morde as an "easier Darius." Why? Because Darius and Morde's win cons are landing their E pre level 6, right? And both of them have a similar E ability.

But, Darius builds CDR while Morde does not, so Morde's E is a long cooldown (24-12 seconds).

However, Darius runs ghost almost every game and phase rush some games, while Mordes, even in high elo, seem to always run TP and conq against me, which means he isn't as brutal as Darius is at punishing you for mistakes.

Now, to play the lane, keep in mind that Morde's Q range is 625.

This is important because our vault range is 525. Make sure to try to side step Morde's E if you can, and if his E is EVER down, go ham on him becasue he can't gap close pre 6 without his E ability.

Now, play a bit back to avoid being hit by Morde's Q because it out ranges our Vault push back and auto range.

If morde presses E, most times it's ok if he pulls you in.

Just retaliate with vault, and try to side step his Q that he will follow with.

Then, reengage since his Q and E abilities are down.

Pre 6 is heavily quinn favoured, so be aggressive, and proc PTA whenever possible.

Be cautious of using a "clapback fadeaway" ignite all in kill on him because I have been baited by Morde's shield/heal from his W too many times, where I flash ignite combo him, and I miscalculate that Morde has his shield/heal up, and he would then live off my ignite.

NOW, post 6 is fun lol. kk so, Firstly, if morde isn't substantially ahead in lane, then he CANNOT 100-0 you in his death realm.

Morde requires you to be kinda low to kill you in it early game.

IYou should get low ever if you play early laning phase like I recommend, but if you make mistakes, just back and fly back to lane.

Now, if Morde death realms you, he ONLY hard wins if his passive is up.

Morde's passive comes up by hitting you with 3 aas or abilities, so our goal in the death realm is to juke his Q and E to delay his passive coming up! Vault over terrain if you're in an area to do so, otherwise just try to use W max speed to kite him.

Early game, try not to fight him, but focus on trying to run and kite his abilities to prevent his passive from going off.

I typically don't build QSS ever into morde simply because late game, you actually hard beat morde in his R when you have your items lol, so being in his R is actually a safe zone for you.

I run stormrazor rush to help slow him in his R to kite him a bit.

Morde's spike is level 6-13ish, but when you get about 3 items, then you should find that, even in his R, it isn't that bad.

NOW, this is hard to do, but if you press your Q right when morde ults you, then you can actually cancel morde's ult and put it on a few second cooldown! Check side clips :D and watch vods for how I play the matchup ^-^