Hard Difficulty

Press The Attack
Press The Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Cosmic Insight
Biscuit Delivery
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Magic Resistance

Starting Items

Long Sword
Refillable Potion

Standard Build

Wit's End
Kraken Slayer
Berserker's Greaves
Phantom Dancer
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined King

Situational Items

The Collector


P: 10-6

Q: 8

W: 12

E: 7

R: 130-80

Malphite's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W

Q Range: 625, which is 100 units longer than your AA range and 25 longer than your E range


Matchup Tip: Perma-ban worthy matchup. Otherwise, make sure to hit Malphite once every 10 seconds to delay his shield from regenerating. Scorch and Corrupting pots are OP in this matchup because both have delayed damage + damage over time, so they help delay his shield from regenerating in lane.

Level 1: Conduct Quinn Cheese Level 1 from the bush. Malph will Q you, but keep running him down with autos.

Level 2: Always have E up whenever you walk into range of Malph so you can properly trade when he Qs you. Try to Q Malph before you trade with him because he can't Q you when he is blinded. How the trades will work is when he Qs you, instantly vault him to juke his Comet, and then run him down with autos. By doing this. you will dodge his comet and proc 2 grasp procs along with all the harriers in exchange for his 1Q. You win trades by doing this, and that's why I like grasp a lot along with second wind. Unflinching is good to mitigate his Q slow since it provides slow resistance and tenacity, two stats that his Q rely on to be most effective.

Level 3-5: You have to kill Malphite before level 6, so make sure to be extremely aggressive and aim to actually kill him before his first back. This matchup sucks more in S11 because bramble is cheaper, so don't let him back and buy bramble before killing him. You hard win early game and your goal is a solo kill. Pre-6 Malphite hard loses, so make use of it. If you can't kill him, at least make him use tp pre-6 back to lane so that you can roam freely post 6.

Level 6: Aim for roams at 6 because his jungler will 100% be toplane when he is level 6. Slow push the wave, crash it, then roam in an ideal world because this gives you more time to roam effectively. He can't 1 shot you from full health because of your Nullifying Orb, but he can easily set up a gank for his jungler. If you roam, Malph has terrible wave clear so he can't punish your roams at all. He relies on killing you with his jungler post 6, but if you don't go to lane, then he is actually useless. Remember, no one plays Malph. He is likely first timing the champion because you picked Quinn first, so if he doesn't put you behind, then you will be a better asset for your team than he is since he doesn't play his champion. His farm will be trash mid-late game because no one knows how to farm on Malphite.

What To Do

lol. Ok guys breathes If you have a dodge, this matchup is dodge worthy.

Otherise, let me start off by saying you should never try to fight Malphite post 6 because you will actually hashinshin smash your keyboard and want to retire from playing Quinn if you try.

Also note that 99.999999% of Malphite players don't actually play Malphite at all, and about 60% of Malphs you face will actually be first timers! They legit picked Malphite to counter your Quinn! OMG! This knowledge means that the Malphite will actually be a useless cannon minion after laning phase if they don't gobble smack you in lane because they are playing a champion that they do not play lol and a champion designed to only counter squishy AD champions. ANY ap champ on your team will destroy Malph if he is even/not substantially ahead from laning phase.

Pre 6 is heavily in Quinn's favour, and most Malphs run comet keystone, so if Malph Qs you, retaliate with vault so that you can juke his comet with your E when his Q hits you.

Be aggressive early on and try to bait Malph's corrupting pots. When his 3 pots are down and he gets low, you can go for an all in if possible because he has no way to really do anything in lane without his ult.

Your goal, if possible, is to accumulate a lead while he doesnt have his R.

Ok, now Malph is 6 and you're scared. First, to understand how to effectively play against Malphite post 6, you must first understand what Malphite's Strengths/weaknesses are, and Quinn's strengths/weaknesses for the matchup.

Malphite will hard destroy you post 6 because not only does he do a lot of damage with heavy armour, but he basically sets up a perfect gank for his jungler that you cannot avoid at all if your flash is down.

Quinn's strength is that she has incredible roaming potential.

Malphite's weakness is that his waveclear is kinda mediocre, while Quinn's weakness is that, as an squishy AD marksman, Malphite can stack armour with his passive and do incredible damage while you will heal him with your autos.

Understanding this, to effectively beat Malphite post 6 is to ROAM ROAM ROAM! I typically never roam early on Quinn, but in Malphite I actually run TP and perma roam post 6 because the lane is death zone if you go there.

Malphite REQUIRES him to gain a lead early game to do anything because, like I said, he picked Malphite to legit counter you, and he will not know how the champion works after laning phase.

If Malphite goes even in lane, you have accomplished your goal and you will find that his pick will be useless as the game progresses simply because he won't know how to play him/keep up with CS later on.

I find this to be the most effective because not only do you get your team ahead and prevent Malphite from killing you, but Malphite's poor waveclear means that he likely will not be able to punish your roams as hard as other top laners could. Malphite will be forced to use his TP to counter your roams, and if he doesn't, you can help your bot/mid/jungle get ahead and get objectives while Malphite won't be able to push your lane hard enough to punish you for the roam.

Edge of Night with Hexdrinker makes you unkillable btw cuz he needs to pop EON with an ability, and his combo can't kill you through hexdrinker shield and EON shield. If he can't kill you with his R, he is useless afterwards.