Easy Difficulty

Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Dorans for safety

Refillable Potion

Long Sword for extra cut down damage

Standard Build

Kraken Slayer
Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge

Situational Items

The Collector
Blade of the Ruined King
Guardian Angel


Q: 11-7 (3)

W: 14-8

E: 14-10

R: 160-120

Q range: Q1 650, Q2 525, Q3 225 (Quinn's E range pushes you back 525 range)

Kled's Skill Max Order: Q → W → E


Matchup Tip: If Kled lands his Q on you, let his Q pull you in first, and then use your E immediately after. Do not use E while the chain is on you because it will pull you in after your E is down.

Level 1: You can Quinn Cheese Kled level 1 without fear, especially if you run fleet. This is because your fleet will grant you enough MS to out run his Q, even if he lands it on you. Play aggressive level 1.

Level 2-5: Kled will have his dash ability, and so be careful of him landing E on you because it refunds the ability if he does. If he lands Q on you, proc fleet+harrier from Q and run away, you should escape it. Your goal is to make his Skarrl bar go to 0 early on because if he loses it, he can't get it back easily against a ranged matchup.

Level 6: His R sets up perfect ganks against you with the jungler, so make sure to jungle track when he's 6. If he Rs you, follow the rule to let him Q you first before vaulting away, and then you have the best chance of survival from this.

What To Do

I have been stomping high- elo Kleds pretty hard basically every single time now, and if you follow what I say here, then you should as well. :)

First, it's important to understand Kled's kit at a basic level at least in order to succeed in this matchup. Before, I used to hard lose every single kled matchup simply because I did not understand his kit or Kled's objective in the lane. To succeed in league for any matchup, you must understand what your opponent wants to do at a basic level and be a few steps ahead of them just like in the game of chess.

Kled's main ability in lane is his Q, Beartrap on a Rope, where he whips out his lash in a line, and if it hits a champion, they become attached for 1.75 seconds. This ability goes through minions, and as a Quinn player, SAVE YOUR VAULT for after the ability pulls you in. I recommend to NOT vault while the tether is latched onto you because if you somehow are not able to escape the tether (whether kled then flashes on you to keep in range or he's just able to keep in range), then you will instantly die without your vault. Vault is such a good ability to counter Kled's Q becasue when he pulls you in, your vault will slow him and put you at a safe distance away to escape and kite kled thereafter.

Next, level 3 onwards be mindful of Kled's E, Jousting, which is essentially just a dash. Kled will E dash and then Q to get into range and suprise you with his Q. The important thing to remember guys is to try to not be close enough to kled in lane because if he lands his E on you (if his dash hits your character), then Kled gets a second dash within 3 seconds.

You will beat kled up in trades so long as you A) maintain distance so he can't get his double dash from his E hitting you, and if you B) save vault for AFTER his Q pulls you in. If you follow these two simple tips, you will hard beat kled pre-6.

If kled misses Q on you, then don't be afraid to retaliate with vault/a bit trade because Kled's damage relies on him landing his Q pull on you! In lane, try to use your fleet movespeed/W max harrier movespeed to sidestep his Q if possible and bait it becasue if he wiffs it, you will win the following trade hard. Quinn's goal in lane is after kled misses Q OR if he pulls you in and vault out to safety, immediately retaliate with big trades. With your W max and fleet Movespeed, you will be able to chase kled down and get a handful of autos in.

Your goal is to get Kled to dismount in lane, and how he dismounts is when his red HP bar goes to 0! When he is dismounted, quinn can run kled down super hard and destroy him. Keep in mind guys that Kled's Q is a 9-7 CD and your vault is a 12-8 second CD, so don't overextend when your vault is on CD because his Q will be up first!

Now, for the post 6. Kled's R makes him untargettable so don't vault him until it ends. His R is annoying and grants him a perfect gank set-up, but on an insanely long CD. Try to sidestep his Q if possible and wait for his ult to expire. If you can bait it out and live, then save your vault for after his Q pulls you like I recommended earlier.

I say run Stormrazor rush in this build because with that complete along with celerity + nimbus cloak, you actually have incredible MS and slows on kled to allow you to survive all ins from kled post 6 and re-engage on him after he blows his CDs on you.

I recommend to watch vids to watch how I play against Kled post 6 to see how I position/kite him when he ults me!