Hard Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace
Cosmic Insight
Biscuit Delivery
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Standard Build

Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
The Collector

Situational Items

The Collector
Lord Dominick's Regards
Plated Steelcaps
Guardian Angel


Q: 8

W: 30

E: 14-8

R: 150-90

Kalista's Skill Max Order: E → Q → W


Level 1: Kalista hard wins level 1, so start Q in this matchup and aim to get 2 first if you can. Save Q for her and not on the wave ideally because a good kalista will run you down right after you miss it. If you use Q on the wave to get 2 first, make sure you're far back so she can't run you down after.

Level 2-5: Be careful around low health minions because Kalista will throw her Q threw it and will get free rend stacks on you, or even worse, transferring her E stacks from the minions to you. If you can prio early, try to bully her with short trades if you land your Q on her. Otherwise, keep the wave in front of your tower and avoid Q poke. Take long ranged Qs in this matchup so if you miss, she won't punish you for it. If you land Q, auto twice then E-Auto when nearsight ends so that she's slowed when the Q expires. Don't be greedy with trades becasue she wins the fight when your Q goes away.

Level 6+: Ward deep in jungle because Kalista's level 6 is really good to set up jungle ganks. When you get 1-2 items, you beat kalista in 1v1 if you land your Q on her because you have enough damage to beat her. Going even with Kalista in lane is a huge win for you.

What To Do

This matchup sucks.

Level 1 try to get prio, but be careful because Kalita wins level 1.

You literally can only take trades against her if you land Q.

Take long ranged Qs so if you miss, Kalista can't punish you after.

If you Land Q, you can E her before Q expires to slow her to prevent retaliation.

Be careful standing behind low health minions because Kalista will throw Q to kill it, and if it hits you, the rend stacks transfer.

Post 6 she gets free ganks for her jungler to dive, so be very careful.

However, just know that you hard win 1-2 items in the 1v1.

Going even in this lane is a HUGE win for you.

Do short trades with Q blind, and this is your main form of fighting her in lane.

You win at 2 items becasue you have enough damage to kill her when she is blinded.