Easy Difficulty

Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup De Grace
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Standard Build

Kraken Slayer
Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Blade of the Ruined King

Situational Items

The Collector
Sanguine Blade


P: 20 - 7.25

Q: 10-6

W: 4

E: 16-12

R: 120-70

Illaoi's Skill Max Order: E → Q → W


Level 1: Quinn counters Illaoi hard. She will start E first likely, so this matchup is a side step matchup. I like to E illaoi level 1, then instantly side then to juke her E, then run her down following this.

Level 2: Kill tentacles when they spawn and stand behind minions so that she can't E you. I like to walk to the side under minions, then quickly walk back to side step her E cuz illaoi will E if she has a chance. The matchup is Quinn sided if you instantly punish Illaoi if she misses E.

Level 3: Quinn E cancels Illaoi W because it is an [uncancelable windup], which Quinn E cancels. Play the matchup behind minions, and use E unexpectedly to make it tough for Illaoi. She relies on landing E to do anything. If she lands E on you, I recommend to consume harrier and run out of it as fast as you can. Illaoi W range and Q range are so short, so that's why this matchup sucks for her.

Level 6: If Illaoi Rs, instantly blind her to buy you some time. If she lands E on you, she will do damage, but without it, it does nothing. E her when she jumps on you after her R leap, and then try to run away as fast as you can. Try not to fight her when her R is active.

What To Do

Illaoi's biggest weakness is ranged champions, so keep this in mind.

I believe that it is ESSENTIAL to run fleet into this matchup for sustain and MS to help juke Illaio's E and Qs.

I vs Dirtymobs (best illaio world) often, and so far I have beaten him every single time to the point where he fears the Quinn matchup.

The only time I lost against him was when I accidently ran PTA and also mr runes because I thought I was vsing their AP midlaner top instead of illaoi top.

From that experience, I've learned to value fleet for sustain in lane over PTA to allow you to control the lane.

First, DODGE HER Qs. Her Q range is 825 and will go through minions, which is much longer than our auto attack range.

However, it's quite easy to dodge when you get the hand of it because her Q animtion is delayed a bit.

In lane I like to pay close attention to illaoi, and usually she wants to Q low health minions, so anticipate this and try not to stand directly in a line away from her to make it harder for her to Q you.

If Illaoi Es you, don't fight her and just run away out of the range. When you are vesseled, just dodge one hit and stay near that tentacle.

Each tentacle only hits once and if you don't run around or kill it, no second one will spawn.

After the duration, you can still kill it. Now, this is how you win the illaoi matchup.

Make sure to stand behind minions because her E does not go through minions, but more importantly, if Illaoi misses her E, INSTANTLY use your entire combo on her including your vault.

Illaoi legit gets countered by ranged champions (Dirty Mobs agreed with this as well), and I see so many Quinn players make this mistake.

When Illaoi E is down she is useless against Quinn, so pressure her and punish her if she misses her E.

I like to bait out illaoi E by walking towards illaoi away from minions, and instantly stepping sideways or back because Illaoi thinks I'm walking towards her, but I'm really just trying to bait out her E.

When her E is down, I then combo her and get a big trade win.

Now, post 6 is more scary, but if you blind illaoi during her ult, then you mitiate so so much damage because she is unable to see to land her Qs and abilities on you/your teammates.

I go stormrazor rush because slowing illaoi is huge to help you out run her all-in, or punish her harder for missing Es.

Very easy matchup, just dodge Qs in lane and especially her Es! Legit the only way Illaoi wins early lane is by landing multiple Es on you.

If illaoi doesn't land E on you, then her R isn't scary at all!