Medium Difficulty

Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup De Grace
Nullifying Orb
gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Magic Resistance

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Standard Build

Wit's End
Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
Edge of Night

Situational Items

The Collector
Mercury's Treads
Maw of Malmortius


Q: 1 for placement, 20 for part recharge

W: 11-7

E: 12

R: 100-70

Heimerdinger's Skill Max Order: W → Q → E


Matchup Tip: Each turret themselves have 350 range, which is far less than our 525 auto attack range. 2 AAs, or 1 Q + 1 AA will kill a turret. If you blind heim turret, it is unable to fire for 1.5 seconds, and this includes Heimerdinger Ulted Big Turret as well!

Level 1: Do not leash in this matchup. Instantly run in top bush, and when he drops his towers, hit them immediately to kill them because you got to lane first. He will have 3 turrets stored, and if you can get to lane early, you can easily focus the towers down to kill them when he comes. If you succeed, you will get prio in the lane. Shove Heim in so he can't stack turrets, and if you do this, the matchup gets so much better. Anytime he spawns turrets, you can kill them (he gets one every 20 seconds). Your Q blinds turrets.

Level 2: Heim has E or W now. W doesn't go through minions, so stand behind them. Keep prio in the lane, if you destroyed his 3 towers level 1, then level 2 is winnable for you since you can shove him in.

Level 3: Heim grenade is good for Quinn because you can juke it with your E. His E lands on a target location, so when he uses it, vault immediately and you will juke his grenade. Stand in E range behind minions in this matchup you can vault him if he ever launches grenade, and he can't W you since you're behind minions.

Level 6: Dodging his E is crucial post 6 because if he lands it he can 1 shot you. Play the matchup to get prio if you can, killing turrets when he spawns and standing behind minions. If he empowers tower, blind it so it can't attack. Flashing his empowered E is typically worth it if you can't dodge it.

What To Do

Heimerdinger turret range is 350, while your auto attack range is 525, so you can freely hit his turrets from afar.

His turrets requires 2 AAs to kill, OR 1 Q + 1 AA to kill them.

If you blind a turret, the turret is disabled for 1.5 seconds INCLUDING his ulted tower.

In lane, Heimerdinger wants to stack his towers and shove you in.

Ideally you DON'T want to leash if possible so that you can come to lane first.

Hard shove him early so whenever he puts down a tower, you can kill it with ease.

Without lane control, you will back Heim your BISH. Stand behind minions in lane because Heim W is easy to hit, the beams, and if he hits you with them, his towers get 20% increased range.

Now, the most important thing, DODGE HEIMERDINGER E STUN AT ALL COSTS! His E is 970 range, which means he can land it from far away.

To counter this, whenever Heim Es you, either vault a minion OR Heimerdinger himself, and by doing so, your vault will juke & dodge his E stun, which is important because if he lands his E on you, he can follow up with his W AND all turrets within 1000 range will gain 100% beam charge.

If his E is down, it is a 12 second CD, so you can retaliate with a combo and you will win.

Even if he has a few turrets up, I like to hard combo him and you will deal more damage, even if he has some turrets up.

Even better, if you let him W after he Es and both abilities don't hit you, now you HARD win the engage.

Post 6 be mindful of his R.

Ulted Turret only has 450 range and Heim usually uses it defensively if you try to all in him, so if he uses it, save blind for it to disable it.

His empowered W has immense range and damage, so if you are low, play far back because he can snipe you with it.

Finally, ulted grenade can bounce, so be careful not to be hit by it.

With this lane, DO NOT ROAM because heim can push so fast and take so many plates.

You can resort to a farm lane if you need to, but I find that Heim is easy to beat when you play around juking his E stun and punishing him when this ability is down :) Just remember, GET LANE PRIO and you will find the matchup to be easier than expected. :D