Medium Difficulty

Press the Attack
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup De Grace
Nullifying Orb
Gathering Storm
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Magic Resistance

Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion

Standard Build

Berserker's Greaves
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge

Situational Items

The Collector
Blade of the Ruined King
Sanguine Blade


Q: 11-7

W: 5

E: 16-12

R: 120-80

Gragas E Range: 600 Units, which is the same as your E range.

Gragas' Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Level 1: Gragas usually starts Q, so you are free to do the Quinn Cheese from the bush level 1. He will Q you, but you still win the trade. The other alternative is to auto him from bush, and then dodge his Q with your E.

Level 2: Gragas has E now, and his E cancels your E. His E range is identical to yours, and he can't pass through minions. If you want to be aggressive with your E, use your E behind the minions. If Gragas retaliates with E, your E will push you behind the minions and you will be safe.

Level 3: Gragas W makes him tanky, so just be cautious of him using it if you are trying to dive. Usually in lane, I like to stand behind minions, and when Gragas Qs me to poke, I E him to dodge his Q, and my E will push me back so he can't E back. This gives you free trades in lane.

Level 6: Gragas R pushes you back, but if you vault Gragas during his R, you can end up in a different landing than he anticipates since your E animation travels so quickly. If he tries to R you away when you're chasing him, save E to use to react during his R. If you time it correctly, his R will shoot you closer to him.

What To Do

Gragas poke is annoying early game, and his range is slightly longer than yours.

Stay in E range of Gragas because his Q range is longer than yours, and his Q hurts you a lot.

Stand behind minions in this matchup so he can't E you as easily.

What I like to do is E Gragas when I'm behind minions, and then Gragas will E me back right after, but since vault is so fast and pushes you back to your original position, you will actually force him to E the minions in front of you.

This is really helpful to beat Gragas becasue if he misses his E, he is vulnerable.

His E is 4 secondsl onger than your E CD, so it is huge to bait it. However, if he lands E, the CD does refresh back quicker, so keep that in mind.

Post 6, use Galeforce + E to dodge his abilities and to also make his R put you in a place he doesnt want.

If you anticipate Gragas R, E him first because your E animation is so fast.

This will shoot you in a place Gragas doesn't want to hit you since he Rs in a certain angle to launch you to a certain place.

If you E first, his R can actually push you to safety, depending on the circumstance of course.