Hard Difficulty

Phase Rush
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Magic Resistance

Starting Items

Long Sword
Refillable Potion

Long Sword For extra Cut Down Damage

Standard Build

Blade of the Ruined King
Berserker's Greaves
Kraken Slayer
Lord Dominik's Regards
Infinity Edge
Mortal Reminder

Situational Items

Phantom Dancer


Q: 4

W: 4

E: 6

R: 110-90

Mundo Q Range: 1050, same as your blind

Mundo's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Matchup Tip: To take out Dr. Mundo's passive, wait for him to use cleaver on a minion OR if he misses it on you. What you will do is Q him, then E him and auto to proc Phase Rush. He is blinded and can't insta cleaver you, so you can proc his passive for free basically. Your Phase Rush returns quicker than his passive. Try to step on his cannister if you can!

Level 1: You have the edge level 1, you can do the Quinn Cheese, but quicky side step after you land your E. Auto, E, Side Step fast, then Auto twice to consume the harrier. Mundo will retaliate with his Q instantly, and so I like to side step the Q immediately after E to juke it. His passive eats your E, but with Phase Rush, you have slow resistance and speed to out run his Q

Level 2-5: You have the edge in lane with Phase Rush. Whenever Phase Rush is up, Q-AA-E-EE him, and you will have speed pop his passive and run. Try to run on the canister if you can. Ideally, go for this when he Qs a minion so he can't retaliate when you pop his passive. Stand behind minions so that he can't Q you for free. His Q is very hard to side step, so it is a hard matchup

Level 6: He is Terrifying post 6. Whenever his passive is up, pop it with Phase Rush because Mundo wants to run you down when you least expect it. If he runs you down, You Q-AA-E-AA so he can't see you, and you have phase rush to out run him.

What To Do

Start long sword/refillable pot so that Cut Down every auto attack level 1 because his MAX hp with doran's is heavy.

First, hide behind minions so he can't cleaver you.

His cleavers are long range, and they are tough to dodge. Only trade him when he misses cleaver on a minion

If he misses cleaver, HARD ENGAGE for a trade by vaulting him, combo and DPS effectively with Q as well, then back off before his cleaver comes back.

By doing this, you legit get a free trade.

His R is 110 seconds cooldown, so your goal post 6 is just to get him low and bait his R, and I suggest not to fight him when his R is up unless he's really low WITH your ignite ticking on him.

When his R is down, you can kill him next time with ease.