Medium Difficulty

Press the Attack

for more damage

Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight
Attack Speed
Adaptive Force

Starting Items

Refillable Potion

Long Sword for extra cut down damage

Standard Build

Berserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
Lord Dominik's Regards

Situational Items

Plated Steelcaps
The Collector
Guardian Angel


Q: 9-6 (Quinn's E 12-8 seconds)

W: 17-11

E: 16-10

R: 140-90

R Duration: 2.5-4

Camille's Skill Max Order: Q → E → W


Matchup Tip: In Camille R, save E to use to cancel Camille's 2nd Q. Her 2nd Q is most of her damage and your E cancels her Q AA. You can hear the sound when it is fully charged.

Level 1: Hide in top bush and conduct Quinn Cheese. Wait for passive to mark her, then Auto-E-Auto to consume Harrier procs. After this Camille will retaliate with W, two choices on how to play this. 1. Auto-E-Auto, then Auto her one more time and eat her W to consume PTA. 2. Auto-E-Auto from bush, then run back away fom her instantly to dodge her W entirely since she's slowed from E. Walk back towards her after her W misses to Auto her one more time to proc PTA. This is the most ideal trade, but it depends on how Camille plays and how quickly she uses her W level 1.

Level 2: Camille will take E. Do not vault aggressively level 2. To play the lane level 2 onwards, stand diagonally away from her at all times away from the wall. This takes practice to know Camille E range, but essentially the goal is to always be far enough away from the wall so if Camille were to E the wall at any given time, it will miss you because you will be outside her E range. You will need a lot of practice to perfect this positioning, but if you master it then Camille will not be able to E you in lane.

Level 3: This level doesn't change much for Quinn. Camille hardly ever gets in melee range unless she's going for a big trade. If she lands E on you, make sure you vault her, consume Harrier, then run back instantly to avoid her empowered true damage Q that she gets in 1.5 seconds.

Level 6: Make sure you are not low when Camille gets 6. Avoiding Camille's E becomes significantly more important onwards so that she is unable to ult you. If she does R you, try to abuse your Harrier speed to stall for time. Her R is only 2.5 seconds at level 1, so just try to be high HP in lane when she's 6 so that she can't 1 shot you in her R.

Important Matchup Tip: Quinn's E ONLY cancels Camille's first activiation of her E as she grapples towards the wall. You have to land your vault before Camille gets to the wall on the first part of her E.

Camille's second activation of her E has priority and will cancel Quinn's Vault. Do not use your Vault in lane until Camille's E is down or if you want to cancel her first E. I only recommend to Vault cancel Camille if you anticipate that Camille will use her second E AWAY from you because if you activate your Vault on Camille while she Es away from you, Quinn will follow Camille all the way through and cancel Camille's grapple.

What To Do

Most Quinn players typically hate Camille and might think that Camille in this matchup is tough.

However, the Quinn vs. Camille matchup is a confidence/snowball matchup, and if you go in playing scared, you will get smashed.

Quinn hard wins if Camille misses her E. Level 1 Camille starts W most times, and rare chances of E start.

Be cautious of cheese level 1s in case she starts E first, and to avoid the potential cheese, just stay away from walls until you see what ability she starts.

When she Ws the wave, engage level 1 with your auto - E - auto combo.

Level 2 Camille is when you will play the matchup differently.

Do not, and I repeat, do NOT vault camille as a trade until her E is down.

Stay in the middle of lane in this matchup so that Camille can't use her E on you!

If she paths towards one wall, simply walk towards the other direction and vice versa so that if she grappes towards a wall, you have enough time to space to the other end of the lane so that you are out of her Wall Dive range.

Quinn's Vault can ONLY cancel Camille's first activation of her E, Hookshot, when she grapples towards the wall only.

I say that this matchup is a confidence matchup because Camille's E is actually pretty difficult to land on Quinn if you play it right because Quinn's W grants her an MS steroid, and Camille has to kinda shoot her E like a skillshot to stun you.

If Camille misses her E, then Quinn can bully Camille and hard trade her for free.

Also, If Camille uses her E AWAY from you, and Quinn is playing on the offence, then Quinn's vault will follow Camille and actually cancel her grapple altogether when you collide with her.

That's why I say it's a confidence/snowball matchup.

If you play confident, you have a better chance of dodging her E when she uses it, and if you dodge it, you hard win the trade.

It's a snowball matchup because the champion on the winning side of the matchup usually screws over the other champions E ability.

Camille, while behind, will likely only use her E to grapple away from you, which can be easilly cancelled by Quinn's vault, and Quinn, while behind, can't use her vault until after Camille engages & potentially stuns you with her E.

Post 6 is Camille's edge of course, but keep in mind guys that her R level one only lasts for 2.5 seconds!

Play the lane like I said and Camille shouldn't be able to get you low enough to kill you with R.

At full health, Camille's combo shouldn't kill you early on if you are even, and she kinda requires to get you a bit low/land her combo on you before she can combo you to death during laning phase.

When you complete Galeforce the matchup becomes incredible because you can use Galeforce to dodge Camille E.

If Camille misses E, punish her hard with a huge trade to come out on top. If you're comfortable in this matchup, I like to vault Camille randomly in the middle of the lane and back off right away.

Camille will likely E you instantly, but if you know your distance well, Camille will miss this E, thereby putting her in a bad position without her disengage, which allows you to then autoattack her to death if she misses this E.

This tip is really good for punishing Camille, but only do it if you are confident in this matchup.