Hey! My name is QuinnAD, and I am a Grandmaster Quinn One Trick on the North American server. I have accumulated over 4.5 million mastery points on Quinn, and I am here to teach you everything I know about Quinn. My peak LP was holding two Grandmaster accounts, one at 435LP and the other at 350LP GM simultaneously. I have been the Rank 1 Quinn since Season 8. If you look at the posted screenshots, every account is me. This guide currently focuses on Top lane matchups, but we will be adding other Quinn lanes over the summer. Please note that all of these builds are based on my personal playstyle, and so use these as a suggestion only. You should be adapting your build based on the game (ex. buying MR against AP heavy teams).

I stream almost every day on Twitch and aim for daily Quinn uploads on my Youtube channel focused on High Elo & Educational content. You can find the links on this page for all of these.

And If you would like to contribute to any Quinn discussions:

Joining our Discord is an invite to The Vanguard, which is our community name.

We call ourselves Valor's Vanguard, The Vanguard, VVG, because a vanguard is "a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas," which is exactly what us Quinn Mains do here. Join if you would like to contribute to our Quinn discussions about builds, matchups, advice, etc! All ranks and inputs are welcome. I learn a lot from you guys!

Quinn is different from every champ in the game because she is not only the most versatile champ, but also, WE are the experts for her instead of Pros b/c they don't play her often. We also passed the official Quinnmains discord server in community members, making The Vanguard the #1 place to discuss Quinn! I'm very proud of the community we built here. Come join if you want to share your thoughts as well!

My Mobafire Quinn Guide ADCQuinn QuinnADC QuinnAD QuinnAD Valor's Vanguard

A huge shoutout to General Break A.K.A. Order1 for going above and beyond to help create the coding website. He offered to help code the site, guide me through the process, and spent hours upon hours to make sure that it runs properly. I can't thank him enough for all that he did. Please check out his Twitch as well. Fun fact: He has 4 IRL birds that join him on his stream: Anivia, Xayah, Swain, and Valor.


Another huge shoutout to Angi for designing the website. She did all of the coding, the aesthetic, and making sure that the site functions as it does.

One final thank you to the #CodingSquad for offering to help code the matchups. I asked for helpers to design each matchup, and so these members from the community took initiative to help implement each matchup to make the site function as it does, and to all of those who sent clips for us to use on this Matchup Guide. All of their names and what they did can be found below:

    • Fouda: Transcribing tons of matchups. Editing.
      Alphadyst Transcribing matchups, lots of layout feedback.
      SparkyFever: Trascribing matchups.
      Shiroe: Trascribing matchups.
      CĂ©lia: Trascribing matchups.
      Quinncidences: Trascribing matchups.
      KonMan007: Trascribing matchups.
      Violent Messiah: Trascribing matchups.
      Lord Zibblington: Editing.
      supernovaster: Finding lots of full match gameplays for champions.
      Quinge Player: Finding full match gameplays for champions.
      Electric Fire: Finding full match gameplays for champions.